Taking as reference the intersection of the Panamerican way to Pisco (Km 231), you should continue for the same Panamerican way to the detour to Paracas (Km 244) which is beyond the plant “Corporación Aceros Arequipa”. Then enter the turning to the right to Paracas approximately 12 km and then take left at the fork point of the track following the main road towards “Punta Pejerrey”. This will take you to the main entrance to the Paracas National Reserve.

At the mentioned gate you should point out that your destination is Inti-Mar and no other point within the national Reserve. (we are not exactly within the national reserve, but the buffer area only) However if you plan to visit the national reserve or it´s interpretation center, the amount of S /. 10.00 per adult which may be charged to you at the entrance will be useful. Also you will be allowed to pass during your stay in Inti-Mar without extra payment. That is why it is important to keep and show your original ticket.

After passing the gate you should continue bordering the Bay of Paracas always on the main paved road. As reference you shall leave behind some signs like "Atenas a 1 Km", another that says "Bienvenidos a ENAPU". Please keep on the main way and the eye on the right side of the road until you get to Km. 38. There it is the entrance to Inti-Mar.